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in this story that is about to unfold before you, there is a boy. his name was sky. but he changed it to makale. OK, so now onto this story of mine.

i woke up one night, dizzy and in a fret. my room was dark, and i had to turn my lamp on. there was something in the corner of my room... about the size of a small dog. it whimpered. i got scared, and told it to get out, but it turned up at me with a surprised notion.
then it stood on it's hind legs, and jumped at me, i turned over to my side. i open my eyes, and it was daylight. my window open, with a slight breeze coming through. i rubbed my eyes at the sight of the sun just barely peeking through the trees in front of my house.

today was the day i would go on my journey through the arenka region. and today was the day i got my first official Pokemon. i did have other Pokemon, but they were my dad's and they often treated me like a baby, and would follow and watch wherever i went, all according to what my father tells them to do i guess.

i get ready to go, and get my book bag ready,just when i was about to put my shoes on, my childhood friend, "Walton" decides to call me.

"sky-- makale, are you going to professor killion's lab today?" he paused, i answered.
"ok-- good i'll see you there" he told me.

i put my phone in my pocket and headed down the stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast, and maybe a few waters-and sodas. i wanted to see if my dad was around. he was out-back cooking some steaks. they smelt good. i walked up to him and asked if i could go to killion's lab.

"oh makale, you make me happy to hear that you want to follow in your old man's footprints!" i pause, and shrugged back when he gave me an ursaring hug. i told him he was squeezing me to tight, and he let go of me saying,

"oh, i'm so sorry mikky, i'm just so proud of you! it's like when you first learned to walk. i wish your mother was still here to see you off on your adventure, but you do know she's always with you." i nodded, we ate steak for breakfast--and he sent me off with his faveorite--or--really my favorite pokemon of my dad's-- his level 100 umbreon nicknamed "maacer". maacer loved me like if i was his own eevee kit.

as we set off towards the lab, Walton snuck-up on us, and maacer accidentally used cut&protect. after walton was knocked to his feet i helped him up. i told him to never sneek up on maacer. but that's the thing, walton forgets everything, and he replyed,

"sorry makale, i just wanted to get you all excited to get your first Pokemon!" then he groans, and rubs on his behind where he fell. i laughed. he shouted at me, "stop it mikky!" so we both walked to the lab together after the incident.

we got there after alot of walking. urgh. my feet were in so much pain, maybe this adveture thing was a bad idea, and i turned back, and i saw my house. i sighed, and opened the door to see dr. Killion at her desk reading a book like she's been waiting for us.

we made it up to her desk, dr. killion's and she turned her book down, and spoke,

"ah there you to guys are, i was getting worried, and i was just about to call to see if you were coming."
i was like, in my head. --ah, i saw you reading, you weren't worried at all-- anyways.
"i have some pokemon for you to choose from, now to remind you, these are your  first pokemon, take care of them like you would your own family. i have three for you to choose from here, the is--"

Kumah- the ghost type pokemon. kumah is a starter pokemon for the arenka region, this pokemon love dark places such as caves, and the undersides of beds, if threated, they will secret a vial poison that is only cured by a kimo berry.  

jimper- the dark type pokemon. jimper is a starter pokemon for the arenka region, little is known about this pokemon because it is fond of escaping from any trap known to man, or pokemon.

umbrure- the dragon type pokemon. umbrure is a starter pokemon for the arenka region, this "baby" dragon type is found in other parts of this region, but you can only obtain it by breeding then hattching the egg at derku mountain, near the fire pits. this little pokemon love to eat shirts.

killion stares at our expressions while looking apon these little pokemon. "well boys, which do you want to take and be your friend, and first partner on your adventure?" she grins and hold out each of their pokéballs.
still working on this, have to finish later, just saving for fears...

oh yeah, i told you guys a long time ago that i was going to start my own poké-story, and my set is the "amethyst" in the arenka region.
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November 14, 2012
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